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Phase II

The High Republic Series has 3 phases.  And because its Star Wars, they of course do not go in a straight 1-2-3 order.  Instead it goes 2-1-3.  We begin three hundred, eight-two years before the Battle of Yavin (BBY) in a galaxy far, far away...  

Phase 2

Quest for the Hidden City


Path of Deceit

382 BBY

These three books are all happening at the same time although it isn't very noticeable except at the beginning of Chapter 24 in Convergence and towards the end of Quest for the Hidden City (No spoilers here).  I propose the following order to line up that timing: 

  • Convergence: Introduction through Chapter 9 (End of Part 1). 

  • Path of Deceit: Introduction through the end of Chapter 10.  

  • Quest for the Hidden City: Introduction through the end of Chapter 10.  

  • Convergence: Chapters 10 - 14 (All of Part 2). 

  • Path of Deceit: Chapters 11 - 20

  • Quest for the Hidden City: Chapters 11 - 22.  

  • Convergence: Chapters 15 - 23

  • Path of Deceit: Chapters 21 - 32

  • Quest for the Hidden City: Chapter 23 - End of the book.  

  • Convergence: Chapter 24 - End of the book. 

  • Path of Deceit: Chapter 33 (end of the book).  

NOTE: The Path of Deceit audiobook tracks do not line up with the actual book chapters (at least they don't on Cloud Library).  This is because the first track is the opening credits, second is the introduction, and the third is the prologue.  So you finally get to Chapter 1 at audio track No. 4.  Because this can change from platform to platform, I will always go by the actual Chapter numbers rather than audio tracks numbers.


Battle of Jedha

The High Republic (Marvel Comics 2022)

382 BBY

Read issue numbers 1-5 of the The High Republic (2022) concurrently with Parts 1-5 of The Battle of Jedha.  Then read issue numbers 6-10 concurrently with the sixth and final part of The Battle of Jedha. The two stories pair well together to give a wide scope of the battle.  Also, some of the characters introduced in The High Republic are heavily featured in The Path of Vengeance, which comes next.  


Path of Vengeance


Quest for Planet X

382 BBY

All three of these books begin in the immediate aftermath of The Battle for Jedha, have overlapping events, and end around the same time.  Each one almost serves as sequel to the first three books we started with.  They also bring us to the end of Phase II. 

  • Path of Vengeance: Intro through Chapter 10

  • Cataclysm: Intro through Chapter 5

  • Quest for Planet X: Intro through Chapter 10

  • Path of Vengeance: Chapter 11 through Chapter 25

  • Cataclysm: Intro through Chapter 6-10

  • Path of Vengeance: Chapter 26 through Chapter 43

  • Cataclysm: Intro through Chapter 11 through Chapter 19

  • Quest for Planet X: Chapter 11 through Chapter 25   

  • Path of Vengeance: Chapter 44 through Chapter 50

  • Cataclysm: Intro through Chapter 20 through Chapter 31

  • Quest for Planet X: Chapter 26 through Chapter 29

  • Path of Vengeance: Chapter 51 through the end of the book.

  • Quest for Planet X: Chapter 30 through the end of the book.

  • Cataclysm: Intro through Chapter 32 through the end of the book.

Phase I

The High Republic: Eye of the Storm #1

252 - 232 BBY

The first part of this two-part miniseries comic has an intro that takes place at the end of Phase 1, but the remainder of this issue contains flashbacks that occur in between Phase 2 and Phase 1. 

Phase I

We now move on to the second phase, Phase 1... Just roll with it!  


Into the Dark

The Light of the Jedi

A Test of Courage

The High Republic (Marvel Comics 2021) #1

257 - 232 BBY

These three novels and comic overlap each other in the present-day timeline.  But first we start with Into the Dark's six flashbacks that occur 125 years after the events of Phase 2 (257 BBY).  

  • Chapter 3; 21:16 - End of Chapter

  • Chapter 8; 0:00 - 10:18

  • Chapter 11; 19:30 - End of Chapter

  • Chapter 16; 21:48 - End of Chapter

  • Chapter 20; 22:36 - End of Chapter

  • Chapter 24; 25:37 - End of Chapter

On to the present day events, which take place 25 years later. Be sure to skip over the flashbacks above as you encounter them.  Start The High Republic (Marvel 2021) Issue No. 1 once you reach the last chapter of Into the Dark.  Read concurrently with the remaining chapters of each novel as they all cover the Starlight Beacon ceremony.  


The Rising Storm

The High Republic (Marvel 2021) #2-8

Race to Crash Point Tower

231 BBY


Read The High Republic (Marvel 2021) issues 2-8 concurrently with The Rising Storm and Race to Crashpoint Tower.  The two novels go together as follows:

  • The Rising Storm: Intro through Chapter 20.

  • Race to Crash Point Tower Part 1: Intro through Ch. 8

  • The Rising Storm: Chapters 21 - 32.

  • Race to Crash Point Tower Part 2: Chapters 9 - 15. 

  • The Rising Storm: Chapters 33 - 44.

  • Race to Crash Point Tower Part 3: Chapter 16 - End of Book. 

  • The Rising Storm: Chapter 45 - End of Book.


Out of the Shadows

Tempest Runner

231 BBY

For efficiency purposes I'm grouping these two together even though they do not overlap.  Instead Tempest Runner picks up immediately after Out of the Shadows.  

MTD - HR9.jpg

Mission to Disaster

The High Republic (Marvel 2021) #9-11

231 BBY

Listen to Mission to Disaster concurrently with The High Republic Marvel Comics 2021 issue numbers 9-11.  


The Fallen Star

Midnight Horizon

The High Republic (Marvel 2021) #12-15

230 BBY

These novels and comics overlap as follows:

  • Midnight Horizon Part 1: Intro - Chapter 12;  Listen to concurrently with comic issue # 12. 

  • The Fallen Star: Intro - Chapter 5.

  • Midnight Horizon Part 2: Chapters 13 - 22.

  • The Fallen Star: Chapters 6 - 10. 

  • Midnight Horizon Part 3Chapters 23 - 34; Listen to concurrently with comic issue # 13. 

  • The Fallen Star: Chapters 11 - 15. 

  • Midnight Horizon Part 4Chapters 35 - 50.

  • The Fallen Star: Chapters 16 - 26. Listen to concurrently with comic issues # 14-15.  

  • Midnight Horizon: Chapters 51 - 66.

  • The Fallen Star: Chapters 27 - 35.

  • Midnight Horizon: Chapter 67. 

  • The Fallen Star: Epilogue

Phase 3

Phase III



The Acolyte

132 BBY

The Acolyte




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