Reign of the Empire (19 BBY - 6 BBY)

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The Bad Batch

19 BBY - ???

We covered S1 E1 of this series through Omega's intro (0:00-21:25) during the Revenge of the Sith Mashup. At this point you can pick up where we left off at S1 E1 21:25 and continue through the rest of the series, which can be watched concurrently with the the Darth Vader Comic and Kenobi novel below.  

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Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith

19 BBY


Read the remaining portion of these comics concurrently with the entries below. 

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Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel
(Chapter 13)
19 BBY

We did Chapter 12 just before ROTS and now we'll do Chapter 13 just after.  We'll pick up the rest of this book a few entries down.  Listen to concurrently with Vader comic above. 

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Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader

19 BBY


Be sure to get through Book 6 of the Vader comic above before you get to Part 2 of this book.  


Continuity Check: This Legends novel includes many contradictions, such as the details surrounding Order 66 and the nature of lightsaber crystals, but it also includes some of the best post-ROTS content. Between Vader teaming up with Tarkin, the invasion of Kashyyyk, and scenes with Bail Organa, Mon Mothma & Chewbacca, this book has it all.  Hold off once you get to Chapter 54 though... Wait to do that until after you listen to our next entry... Kenobi.  



19 BBY


The Tusken Raiders play a significant role in this Western-style Legends novel. Their leader, A'Yark was brought into Canon in the short story "Rites" from the book From A Certain Point of View.  


As a reminder, listen to Chapter 54 of Dark Lord once you finish this book.  

Aftmath Empire End.png

Aftermath: Empire's End

(Part Five Interlude: The Imperialis, 

Twenty Five Year Ago)

19 ABY


This is a follow up on our previous entry from Empire's End, which was shortly after Episode 1.  And this may be one of the coolest glimpses into the mindset of the ever so spiteful Emperor Palpatine.  



18 BBY


Continuity Check: Skip the Introduction to this book as its events have been contradicted by The Clone Wars, Season 7, Episodes 710 - 712.

Catalyst (1).jpg

Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel
16-17 BBY


We left off with this book at the end of Chapter 13 just after ROTS.  So now we can pick this up with the beginning of Chapter 14 and finish the novel.  


Jedi: Fallen Order

14 BBY


This game takes place 5 years after Revenge of the Sith (14 BBY), which means it can be played contemporaneously with the Lords of the Sith and Tarkin novels below.  If you haven't completed the game by the time you get through those books, it's okay.  It can be played concurrent with the all the entries below through A New Dawn if need be. Definitely finish before Rebels though.  

Lords of the Sith.jpg

Lords of the Sith

14 BBY

Listen to this book contemporaneously with Jedi: Fallen Order.



14 BBY


Listen to this book contemporaneously with Jedi: Fallen Order. 

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Rogue One

13 BBY


Just watch the movie's introduction (0:00 - 7:44) for now.

Rebel Rising.jpg

Rebel Rising

13 BBY


Skip over all the "Month #_" chapters in this book as we're going to do them all right before Rogue One.  So skip "Month 1" and jump to Chapters 1-5 of this book for now.  We'll pick this back up soon. 

Last Shot.jpg

Last Shot

(Fyzen Gor & Lando Flashbacks)

20-15 BBY


This book has a present day storyline that takes place around 7 ABY, however, it also has three different flashback stories concerning Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and the main villian in the book, Fyzen Gor. At this point in our chronological marathon, we'll just focus on Lando and Fyzen.  


Continuity Check: Last Shot contains the biggest continuity blunder since Disney took over the franchise as it is shockingly careless with its dates. For example, when taken at face value, you'd have a flashback with Lando and L3 flying the Millennium Falcon at 8 BBY, which is two years after Solo: A Star Wars Story and thus an impossibility based on the events in the film.  A simple fix, and most likely how they screwed this up, is to change "15 years ago" to mean "15 BBY." That would put Lando's flashback to be years before Solo and it would put Han's flashback to be shortly after the events of Solo, which would fix another continuity error that relates to Han's age. With that problem solved, let's get to our binge...


This book doesn't have chapter numbers but the chapter titles are very descriptive making it easy to find everything.  First we'll do Fyzen's story, which consists of 4 chapters. However, we are only going through 3 of those right now for chronological purposes:     


Part I: Utapu, About Twenty Years Ago 

Part II: Utapu, About Twenty Years Ago   

Part III: Utapu, About Eighteen Years Ago 


Then comes Lando's flashbacks which are as follows:


Part I: Weigh Station Karambola, About Fifteen Years Ago

Part II: The Millennium Falcon, About Fifteen Years Ago

Part II: Mesulan Remnants, About Fifteen Years Ago

Part III: Mesulan Remnants, About Fifteen Years Ago

Part V: The Millennium Falcon, About Fifteen Years Ago

Most Wanted.jpg

Most Wanted

13 BBY


This young-adult novel provides a great backstory to Han & Qi'ra's relationship before the events in Solo. We also get an in depth look at life on Corellia, both the seedy underworld as well as the growing Imperial presence there.  


Solo: A Star Wars Story

13 - 10 BBY


Watch contemporaneously with the Forces of Destiny episode below.   


Forces of Destiny

S2E16: Triplecross

10 BBY


Watch this episode of Forces of Destiny contemporaneously with Solo. It takes place sometime after Han and Qi'ra get separated on Corellia but before they are reunited on Dryden Vos' yacht. So anytime during that stretch of the movie you can take a quick 2-3 minute break and watch this episode by clicking the blue link above.  

Last Shot.jpg

Last Shot

(Han's Flashback)

10 BBY


Per the chronological adjustment to this book that we covered earlier, we've moved this flashback to 10 BBY, which would be shortly after the events of Solo. I think this is clearly what was intended as Han is still freshly heart-broken from Qi'ra. There are a total of 9 Han flashbacks but first there is another flashback with Fyzen Gor, which serves as the introduction to this part of the story:


  • Part IV: Cantonica, About Ten Years Ago

  • Part I: Han: Takodana, About Ten Years Ago

  • Part I: Han: Takodana, About Ten Years Ago 

  • Part II: Han: The Millennium Falcon, About Ten Years Ago

  • Part II: Han: The Millennium Falcon, About Ten Years Ago

  • Part III: Han: Freerago's Satellite Diner, About Ten Years Ago

  • Part III: Han: Freerago's Satellite Motal, About Ten Years Ago

  • Part III: Han: Freerago's Satellite Motal, About Ten Years Ago

  • Part III: Han: Freerago's Satellite Motal, About Ten Years Ago

  • Part III: Han: The Millennium Falcon, About Ten Years Ago

A New Dawn.jpg

A New Dawn

11 BBY


While A New Dawn and the beginning of our next entry take place chronologically before the later parts of Solo and Han's Story in Last Shot, keeping the Solo stuff together just flows better.  Also there are no continuity issues that occur as a result.  

Lost Stars.jpg

Lost Stars


11 BBY

We're going to be splitting Lost Stars Up into many different sections because it's story weaves in and out of the Original Trilogy and other media. In this first entry, do the Prologue here, we'll pick back up with this story during the 1st Season of Rebels. 

Kenobi Series.jpeg

Obi-Wan Kenobi


With the news that this series will take place 10 years after Revenge of the Sith, we at least know where to place this in our timeline.  I anticipate this can be watched contemporaneously with the novels above and below.  

Rebel Rising.jpg

Rebel Rising



We left off earlier at the end of Chapter 5, so now we'll pick up at Chapter 6 and go through the end of Chapter 10.  We'll come back to this book during Season 1 of Rebels.  



7-4 BBY 


I know there are different opinions on this but the best I can figure, Chapters 1-11 occur in approximately 7-6 BBY.  Chapters 12 - 19 occur in approximately 5-4 BBY.  Stop here.  You are now ready to begin watching Rebels. We'll pick up with the rest of the book during Season 2.